Akilathirattu India Mission

Akilathirattu India Mission

"AKILATHIRATTU INDIA MISSION" is a Registered Trust under Indian Trusts Act, 1882 for Social Welfare, Educational, and Public Charitable purpose with the following objects within the meaning of public Social welfare & Creditable purpose under the Indian Income Tax Act, 1961. The Trust has it's Head Office temporarily at A1, Staff Quarters, SJIRS Complex, Palanjur Village, Nazarethpet Post Sembarambakkam Panchayat, Thiruvallur District, PIN-600123, Tamilnadu, India. R.Gopalakrishnan, son of M.RAMASWAMY is the Founder and President of the Trust. Mr.V.Ramasamy son of R.VAIKUNDAMANI and Mrs.G.Jeyalakshmi Wife of R.GOPALAKRISHNAN are the Trustees of the Trust.

The main objects of the Trust are:

  • Construction and running of schools, colleges, education institutions, free dispensaries, Meditation and Prayer Halls, centres for poor feeding and homes for the aged for the benefit of the public.
  • Providing for grants, scholarships, fellowships and other forms of financial assistance to the needy and deserving students for pursuing education, vocational training, skill development etc.
  • Establishment and maintenance of clinical laboratories, hospitals, nursing homes and institutions of similar nature and providing financial assistance to the deserving persons for medical treatment, in any other medical organizations.
  • Providing financial assistance for performing Annadhanam and feeding the poor directly and through other organizations with similar objectives.
  • Establishment, conduct, maintenance of old age homes, vinjay(living art) schools, homes for physically challenged and persons with similar disabilities and also for granting financial assistance to other organizations performing similar activities.
  • Providing relief to the poor and advancing any other object of general public utility.
  • The Trust will perform with service motive and will not carry out any activities with the intention of earning profit.

The Trust is established for the benefit of citizens of India and the class of people mentioned above without discrimination of caste, religion, creed or sex.

Join with us

  • People with kind heart to interested to extend their helping hand to the society can join us by donating funds. All donations, gifts or grants in cash or any other forms can be accepted by the Trust.

  • Cheques / demand Drafts can be drawn in the name of Akilathirattu India Mission payable at Chennai.

  • Funds can be transferred to the following Bank Account
    Akilathirattu India Mission

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தாழக்கிடப்பாரைத் தற்காப்பதே தர்மம்
"Dharmam is Upliftment of the Downtrodden".